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Thanko’s USB Hot Cool Box Keeps Your Drink Cool or Warm

You may have given Thanko the judgmental eye for creating ridiculous USB gadgets ranging from self-warming computer mice to keyboard-substituting foot pedals, but this latest offering may earn them a bit of respect.

If you spend most of the day using the computer and you find it too time-consuming and cumbersome to walk to the fridge and grab your favorite cold drink, this USB Hot Cool Box from Thanko just might be the one for you. Simply plug the gadget on the USB and you have an instant drink cooler that also doubles as a heater. The button on its side can be switched between cool and warm modes, so you can even leave your cup of coffee on the desk without having to worry about it getting cold. Now, if only you have enough will power to grab that drink and put it on the Hot Cool Box.

This device is available on Thanko’s Japanese online store for an equivalent of $37.

Source: CrunchGear


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