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LG Roboking Robot Vacuum

Housekeeping chores can really benefit from better technology. There are now intriguing devices like robot vacuum cleaners that help clean up the floor area of a home all by itself. And with the arrival of the new LG Roboking Robot Vacuum, these devices may now even be able to check up on themselves.

The new LG Roboking Vacuum features a vacuum cleaner that works by itself and at a low noise 48dB design. But that is not all it can do. The new LG Roboking Robot Vacuum can also perform a self-check at a push of a button. To runs a self-diagnostics test on itself to check which parts may not be running up to par and then informs its owner. The LG Roboking is set to be made available in the Korean market any time soon. It is expected to cost around 779,000 Korean Won or around US$730.

Image Source: Akihabara News


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