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Garmin Edge 200: Cheap GPS for Cyclists

While there are GPS units in the market that cater to cyclists, most of them are pretty expensive. Garmin has just unveiled its Edge 200, a cheaper version of the Edge 500. It has similar features without the non-essential ones. For instance, the Edge 200 does not have a navigation function or the ability to gather data from power meters, heart rate monitors, and cadence sensors.

But what the Edge 200 can do, however, is to map the routes you have taken, let you download them through USB, and share them via Garmin Connect. It can also provide basic info like speed, distance, calories burn, and time, without having to connect another hardware. The Edge 200 can store up to 130 hours of biking memory, as well as having a 14-hour battery life.

The Garmin Edge 200 is expected to be available before September ends for $149.99.


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